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Brand Interpretation

1. Lingke Enterprise was founded in 1995, its four brands "LINGKE", "LINGGAO ",

2. In order to better serve the market and customers, Lingke Enterprise's brand “LINGGAO ” series products (machines and accessories) have agents and distributors in various provinces and regions in China;

3.  Lingke enterprises do not use large amounts of funds for company propaganda vehicles, office decoration and magazine media advertising, aiming to promote the innovation of China's ultrasonic welding equipment core technology!

4. Practicing “Technology and Powerful Country”, Lingke Enterprise has the potential to strengthen itself, supporting a large number of processing equipment, testing equipment, and highly educated talents, and jointly boosting the competitiveness of China's ultrasonic plastic welding. Chinese ultrasonic plastic welding brand has a long way to go !

Grateful for the support and trust of our customers! Together for the Chinese conscience product name!