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  • Engine Components

    Sealing, pressure resistance and functionality are not compromised: Ultrasonic welding meets these requirements for automotive components in the engine compartment. In the filter, the filter material must be welded firmly and must have high temperature and low temperature properties.

  • Interior

    Ultrasonic technology not only allows plastics to be connected to each other, but also connects plastic to metal or wood. Even chrome-plated parts can be ultrasonically riveted. Large-scale combination dashboards are among these demanding welding applications, which can be welded with various types of welding heads, with a bright appearance and precise gaps.

  • Exterior & Lights

    High strength, tightness and dimensional accuracy, and the appearance of no scratches and indentations are typical requirements. Ultrasonic welding protects the function of the part and enables the welding of complex shapes.

  • Functional Compartment

    Ultrasonic welding of these components ensures that the functionality of the built-in functional components is not limited. 100% inspection and recording of all welding parameters. The semi-permeable membrane acts as a pressure balance element (DAE) and can be simultaneously punched and sealed using ultrasonic waves.