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  • Cables and Plugs

    Plugs and terminal blocks are used as high value safety components in electronics, electronics and electrical installations. The stable connection of the contacts ensures that the contacts are not offset and the current is stable. Similarly, the connection of no material can also be achieved by ultrasonic welding.

  • Electrical Devices

    It is also possible to solder and rive electronic components outside the cover and display. Ultrasonic welding technology can be used to introduce energy into the weld zone in a targeted manner, ensuring a secure connection between the support plate and the cover without threatening sensitive electronic components.

  • Housings

    For the outer cover, the quality and design have extremely high requirements. These include high strength, good sealing, accurate size, good appearance, scratch resistance and even weld.

  • Sensors & Switches

    Light sensing, inductive and capacitive sensors are used in a wide range of applications in all areas of automation. In addition to perfect appearance and no scratches, ultrasonic welding meets sealing and reliable functional requirements.