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  • Small Household Appliances

    Electronic appliances can be seen everywhere in daily life. In the production process, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the integration of electrical and electronic components and not cause secondary damage to the product itself. Ultrasonic welding can meet the higher requirements of production standards and greatly improve production efficiency.

  • Gardening

    In addition to being suitable for household appliances, it is also suitable for outdoor machines and equipment. Typical applications for ultrasonic welding are the production and welding of horticultural appliances, functional components and underwater roofing coils.

  • Household Electric Appliances

    Household appliances, as appliances that are used every day, must be strong and durable. This necessitates the safety of the integration of electrical and electronic components. Ultrasonic welding is especially suitable for the connection of complex household appliances such as irons or operating panels.